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I-95 Exit Guide iPhone App

This is the iphone app version of the popular printed publication, “The I-95 Exit Information Guide”

This application lists exit services and travel information for the entire length of USA Interstate 95 from it’s beginning in Houlton, Maine to it’s terminus in Miami, Florida.

Listings include food, lodging, gasoline, campgrounds, shopping, medical facilities, rest areas, welcome centers, attractions, and other traveler services. The easily scrollable exit listing format allows users to see all services for a particular exit at a glance.

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I-4 Exit Guide

The I-4 Exit Information Guide has been around since 2005. It’s a sister publication to the very popular I-95 Exit Information Guide. Just about every feature is duplicated with the I-4 Guide… and it’s recently been updated with mew information.
You’ll find very detailed, exit-by-exit listings for restaurants, diners, fast food, lodging, camping, and shopping for every I-4 exit from Daytona to Tampa. Additionally, the I-4 Exit Guide lists rest areas and welcome centers, and nearby attractions. If you’re looking for gas prices… they have that too! There’s plenty of travel …

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As you may know, 5-1-1 has been designated as a nationwide telephone exchange for traveler information. Well, we’ve just discovered a new “511” website devoted to coupons for the traveler. It’s called 511Coupons. It’s new, but we see a lot of potential in what it has to offer.
Currently the website has focused on finding fast-food and chain restaurant coupons and special savings. All the typical chains are here… McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. If your planning a trip, and you’re looking to stay on a budget, we definitely recommend …

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North American RoadGuides

North American RoadGuides is an Interstate Highway travelers portal. It’s primary focus is offering visitors the opportunity to discover a family of web sites… each devoted to a particular Interstate highway. Several of the country’s most popular highways are included, with several more in the works.
Additionally, RoadGuides offers road warriors travel tools to help in planning that next cross country trip. Clean design, user-friendly navigation and above all, helpful information, make this site shine.

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AmeriTraveler is a travel research and planning website. With a noticable focus of US destinations, this site offers visitors quick and easy opportunities to search for the lowest prices on airfare, lodging and vacation packages. Additionally, they have selected exceptional bargains on lodging and cruises with links directly to the details.
AmeriTraveler offers links to information on selected top destinations. One particular feature we found useful was the “Need Ideas” section. It offers visitors taylored vacation packages to dozens of locations around the globe, but with a focus on US destinations. …

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What we immediately noticed about Lodging2Go is the intuitive design. True to its name, the focus of this site is lodging, USA lodging in particular. It’s quite easy to find your way around here. A large, sectional map of the United States allows you to immediately “zero in” on your area of choice. Not a geography major? Not a problem… text links to individual state are also included.
Lodging2Go also has a nice mix of support features. “Hot Hotel Deals” is a section that frequently posts special rates to secected cities. …